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The ORIGINAL Coalition of Paranormal Investigators!

Established in 2002, the Maryland Paranormal Investigators Coalition was started to help bring greater respect and credibility to the field of paranormal research in Maryland.

Mission Statement


  • To provide leadership in the paranormal community through the application of scientific research of the paranormal.
  • To provide education, assistance, and resources to new and existing paranormal organizations, the public and the media.
  • To foster and create new paranormal organizations throughout the paranormal community.


From our training center on the Eastern Shore in the Mid-Atlantic we study the nature of ghosts, hauntings and psychic activity. We hope to help the paranormal community grow by sharing and cooperation. Let’s make this work!

"America's Premiere Paranormal Research & Training Organization"

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Mar 16, 2010

Mar 16, 2010

Mar 16, 2010

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